M0co makes rope. M0co rigs. M0co works. M0co plays.

Having been kinky for as long as he can remember, M0co joined the MD/DC/VA community in late 2010 without a particular focus; his main goal was to experience as much as he could in order to learn and develop into his own type of kinkster. He always had an interest in bondage, but his passion was sparked early on via several community influences, including Lochai Stine and Curtis Mercury. From that point on, M0co began studying about rope bondage as a means of connection, torture, and play.

Since his inception into the rope community, M0co has quickly blossomed into one of the area’s most talented riggers. His style is a unique mash up of aggression and passion, with lots of Japanese-esque influences. There’s never a dull moment when it comes to watching M0co rig!

About M0co and the Community

Along with his vastly growing skill set as a rigger, M0co has proven himself to be a keystone leader in the rope community. In mid-2011, M0co co-created the Baltimore Guerrilla Suspension Crew, a group of riggers and photographers interested in making rope bondage art in the urban decay of Baltimore. The BGSC has since evolved to create highly intricate and beautiful photoshoots, including the well known shot of “The Awakening’, located in the National Harbor, MD.

Also a fan of those who enjoy play, M0co helped create The Kraken’s Lair play party in late 2012. This goal of creating The Krakens Lair party and group was to encourage all varieties and levels of play at parties, not just socialization. These parties have become popular because of the positive energy the Krakens bring to the play space. Working hand in hand with Grove Lane Studios in Frederick, MD, The Kraken’s Lair has created an amazing experience for the party goers in the area.

M0co also worked with Grove Lane Studios in mid-2013 to create Frederick Rope. The aim of this monthly class is to help riggers and rope bottoms in the area learn valuable skills and tips from a variety of sources, rather than a single instructor. Frederick Rope prides themselves on having the resources to pull instructors from an amazing nationwide talent pool.

About M0co’s Rope

As you can see, with this much experience in rigging, M0co chooses to use the rope that he himself spins. You can learn more about that here. And even order some here.