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Japan trip - i am currently in Japan until august 30th. First vacation for me since becoming a rope maker. Super excited to romp around this amazing place with my wife.
Sardonic spec pre order special - Sardonic spec mocojute 6mm 10 yarns of 15 lb golden CRX Jute twine No JBO Odor 8 meter loose lay hanks. Hands down one of the most elegant ropes to come out of mocojute laboratories. The pre order special 12 hanks of sardonic spec 2 hanks of sadistic moco (3mm […]
Moco Nawa formally MBE - Since MBE aired its final performances this weekend we will no longer be branding our rope as an MBE line. We will how ever keep the name in the title to help rope lovers find the rope to purchase to keep their kits stocked accordingly. I will however note that […]
August Sale - To everyone who has taken advantage of the August birthday sale. THANK YOU! I have never received the amount of orders like I did in August. I am currently working my hardest to get all of the remaining orders spun filled in a timely manner. That being said, our usual […]
Fund raiser for Orlando - M0cochine For Sale: Fundraiser For Orlando. If you have been waiting to buy your spool of M0cochine, now is the time. I realize that there’s always more to be done for our community, but I’m hoping this helps. And I’m hoping some of you can help too. I’m donating 100% […]
Breaking the spine - Last weekend, I started a series of blogs about M0co-chine jute. The first entry about cutting down your spool of M0cochine can be found here. This entry is all about what to do with your cut down hanks of rope. I’ve gotten a lot of requests about various methods and […]
Cutting Your Spool - I’ve had a lot of questions about one of my newest products, Moco-chine jute, particularly about how to treat it and break it in, so I’ve started a weekly update on how to cut/breakdown your spool, treating it, and how to break it in. This week will be on cutting […]
Offering Private Lessons at Mocojute Laboratories - Updates It’s 2016 and I think it’s a good time to start setting new goals for the year. 2015 was super busy for us and I was able to get a lot done, especially when it came to traveling and teaching. I think that this year, our focus will be […]
2015 Revisted: Bondage Expo Dallas Launch Party, October. - 2015 was a busy month for Beemo and myself- we did a lot of traveling, teaching, and promoting. I thought it’d be nice to do a bit of reflection throughout the month of what was going on in the past year. One of our fondest memories was being the head-liners […]
M0cojute laboratories - Working on the new Rope studio and can’t wait to get all the walls covered. This won’t be your traditional kinbaku or shibari space