Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is your rope made?

All of our rope is made by hand, not by a rope making machine. All of our rope is spun by M0co himself. There are no apprentices or workshop helpers. Every rope is made by the master. Read more about our rope here.

Do you have [a specific product] in stock?

Since we often sell our rope through the website, at rope classes and through word of mouth, our inventory varies considerably. Don’t worry, however – we are often able to fill your order in a timely manner by making you a fresh batch of product. If you are planning to place a large order (more than 12 pieces) or need your rope by a certain date, we recommend that you contact us to work out the details.

Do you offer colored rope?

At this time, we do not dye our rope because it is a labor and space intensive process to dye in bulk. That being said, if you must have your rope in pretty colors, we encourage you to try dyeing your rope yourself. We recommend that you use a quality liquid fabric dye. Add the dye and water into a large pot following the instructions for your particular brand. Always err on the side of more dye than less dye, as it saves you the time of having to do it twice. Then add the rope and turn the heat to high. Once the water begins to boil turn off the heat and and remove. You then have to stretch the rope out and let it dry. Keep all the rope under tension, otherwise it will shrink and bulk up! Don’t forget to upload your photos of your custom dyed M0co jute to our Gallery!

What are your shipping policies?

Please note that every order may require up to a 3-week lead time as much is made-to-order by M0co himself. Orders are shipped as soon as possible and you will be notified with tracking information when they do.

International Orders will require a $20 surcharge due to the extra handling required.

If I am local to you, can I pick up an order?

Yes, we do offer local pickup. When ordering, make sure your shipping address is either Maryland, DC, or Virginia and choose local pickup as your shipping option. Please contact us to work out the details.

Do you do custom orders? Can I get rope thicker/thinner?

Yes! All of our rope is handmade and we do fill custom orders.

Other questions?

Contact us!